Episode 130 – Catwarrior 12: Hard As A Diamond

Catwarrior has stolen a huge diamond worth millions, but before she can sell it The Contractor intervenes. Catwarrior puts up a good fight, but The Contractor manages to get the upper hand and punish her beautiful body. He delivers multiple low blows, pounds her in the face repeatedly, strangles her, chloroforms her, and is about to carry her away when she revives and insults him. So, he breaks her back, strangles her again, and breaks her neck. Then, he carries her dead body away over his shoulder. In the Peril version, he simply cradle carries her unconscious body away.

Heather Page is super sexy in this awesome video! Don’t miss it!

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Dr. Horne's Cause of Death Determination
Strangled and neck snapped
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