Episode 14 – Double Dealing

Yvonne has hired a hitman to kill her much older, but rich, husband, before he can change his Will to cut her out. Unfortunately for her, her husband paid the same hitman to kill her!

The killer pulls his gun and screws on a silencer, but Yvonne begins to bargain with him, offering her body. She pulls down her top and allows him to fondle her naked breasts. Then, they kiss passionately. Yvonne is so very hot-looking in this awesome video. Just when he seems about to succumb to her charms, there is a knock on the door. He covers her mouth to stop her from calling out. She struggles, so he shoots her in the belly as she writhes in his grip. He shoots her again to try to stop her from struggling. Then, they hear the footsteps of the person who was knocking move away down the hallway and disappear. The killer removes his hand from her mouth. Again, she pleads for her life, but this time he’s resolved to end her! He places the gun’s muzzle against her chest and starts to fire! Yvonne reacts violently and then dies with a beautiful death stare!

A very hot shooting of a gorgeous, well-endowed babe! Don’t miss it!

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