Episode 21 – Don’t Answer the Door

Yvonne and D’arcy returns. D’arcy continues to play the Internet shrink from “Don’t Make That Call” (SYCC #15), and this scenario is based upon another scene from the movie “Don’t Answer the Phone”. The killer from SYCC #15 appears at D’arcy’s apartment and is let in by her roommate (Yvonne) who, as seen through the killer’s eyes, looks like his victim from SYCC #15. Yvonne is dressed in a silken robe and tells him that D’arcy will be home soon, but he decides to start his killing spree without her, pulling Yvonne’s robe open and strangling her topless.

When D’arcy returns home, she tries to pull the killer off of Yvonne, but he turns on her, choking her and lifting her into the air where he strangles her to death as she helplessly kicks dead air.

While he’s been killing D’arcy, Yvonne recovers  and tries to crawl away, but the killer uses the robe of her silken robe to garrotte her to death!

Two sexy babe deaths in this awesome SYCC episode!

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