Episode 22 – Computer Baiting

Krystal has been using computer dating to get her close to wealthy men who she could then rob, often killing them in the process.

This time, she’s chosen the wrong victim, as he has been hunting her as a hitman hired by the family of one of her victims. He presses his knife against her throat as he explains why is is attacking her and what is about to happen. Then, he begins stabbing her repeatedly in the belly, making sure that he puts an end to her operation… as well as putting an end to her!

He then stands back and watches her struggle, slipping from couch to floor as she slowly dies by his hand. As she goes limp and her beautiful eyes fix into a death stare, he checks her neck pulse, just to make sure. Then, he walks away from her dead body as we enjoy views of her hot body from several angles.


Dr. Horne's Cause of Death Determination
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