Episode 23 -Taking a Stand

Krystal is alone in her apartment, unaware of an intruder until she enters the washroom and a garrotte is whipped around her lovely neck. She struggles desperately, but weakens and drops to her knees. She does manage to reach a taser and zap her attacker, taking a stand against her powerful assailant… but will it be enough?

Krystal weakly manages to stagger into the bedroom and tries to call 999 (which is the equivalent of 911 in the UK). Her attacker recovers and resumes his attack in the bedroom, before she can complete the call. He pounds her in the face several times, then straddles her on the bed and garrottes her again, but this time there is no escape for gorgeous Krystal Red. She struggles and squirms under him, but he is relentless, and eventually her body slows and her beautiful eyes fix into a haunting death stare!

Don’t miss this latest unsolved U.K. murder! If only Scotland Yard knew what we know about Krystal’s brutal demise.

Dr. Horne's Cause of Death Determination
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