Episode 24 -Cybercrime

Heather Page returns to Bluestone Video Productions to close out the first season of Scotland Yard Cold Cases!

Gorgeous Heather, dressed in sexy skirt suit, plays a diamond exchange employee who has access to the company’s security codes. A gunman attacks her in her apartment after work, threatening to kill her unless she blocks the security cameras and alarms at the exchange so that his accomplices can steal a fortune in diamonds. Scared for her life, she does what the gunman asks, but then she finds out that he’s going to kill her anyway!

She pleads for her life, but he shoots her in the belly, and she tries to stagger away, but he drops her with two bullets in her back! Heather falls to the floor, writhing there as the gunman enjoys her erotic body. When she lifts her head to look up at him, he is leveling his gun at her again. This time he blasts her in the head with a killshot! Heather’s eyes freeze into a beautiful death stare, her head snapping back from the impact, her body falling limp as death claims her.

The man checks her neck pulse. Satisfied that she is dead, he leaves as the camera lovingly pans her sexy body from various angles.

Don’t miss the dynamic return of Heather Page to Bluestone Videos! She is one of the most beautiful actresses in the industry!

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