Episode 27 – Final Audition

Yvonne plays a model who thinks she’s just doing a screen test to audition for a part; however, as she begins to say her lines, one of the crew slaps a chloroform rag over her nose and mouth. She struggles widely, but eventually passes out. While she’s out, the director refers to making a fortune from this scene and the snuff scene, then instructs the crew member to take off her top before she regains consciousness. He does so, taking off her top and then her bra. He lets her come to full awareness, and then winds a nylon around her lovely neck and strangles her to  death while the camera captures her wild struggles, her jiggling naked breasts, and her kicking legs. Once she’s dead and her body has been panned, the crew member and director both carry the body away.

Very sexy snuff video for your enjoyment! Don’t miss it!

Dr. Horne's Cause of Death Determination
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