Episode 26 – Surprise

Yvonne plays a hot babe who is seducing a hitman who is planning to kill her. When she confronts him, he pulls a silenced gun and aims it at her. Before he can pull the trigger though… Surprise! He is taken out by a sniper!

Yvonne set him up to be killed!

This is not the only surprise though. As Yvonne starts to leave, she is also fired upon, the sniper nailing her in the belly. She is shocked and in pain, but he’s not finished with her. Next, he sinks a bullet in each of her luscious breasts, and she slides down the wall to the floor. She writhes there for a while, then pleads for mercy, but a headshot ends her life, freezing her eyes into a beautiful death stare.

Another sexy performance by Erotic Yvonne! Don’t miss this one!

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