Episode 4 – The Last Alien On Earth

This is the conclusion to the “Heavenly Bodies” mini-series, and it stars Suzi as both the final alien clone and the original human Celeste Starlin.

The final clone has been tracked down by Agent Blackwell (Vicious Victor) who slugs her in the face, slips his taser-like ray gun under her skirt and fires electric shocks up her legs to her crotch, setting her body shaking, and torturing her while he sets her up for an interrogation. She becomes compliant, and even tries to seduce him with her sexual charms, but once he has the information that he needs, he places the ray gun against her forehead and fires, killing her instantly!

He calls Inspector Black, who attends at the original abduction site and finds Celeste’s human body lying in the forest, but shrouded with an energy cocoon. He breaks her free, but the alien ship returns and fires, striking Celeste (Suzi) repeatedly with deadly blasts. Her body shakes and writhes as the rays take effect, slowly electrocuting , and eventually killing, her.

Two Suzi death scenes for your enjoyment in this conclusion to the 4 episode “Heavenly Bodies” series!

Dr. Horne's Cause of Death Determination
Shot in head!
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