Episode 501 – The Information Age

Petra plays a rogue Russian agent who has stolen espionage secrets worth millions, but before she can sell them, Milena breaks into her apartment and tosses a gas grenade. Petra fights to stay conscious, but succumbs to the gas. She wakes up tied to a chair with a silenced gun muzzle pressed against her temple instructing her not to cry out. It is held by a mystery woman who starts to interrogate her about how she stole the secrets. She pounds Petra in the face and belly several times, then presses a taser up her skirt, shocking her violently as she bounces wildly in the chair. Next, she reveals that the Russian agent who Petra killed to obtain the stolen secrets was her lover.

Intent on getting vengeance against her lover’s killer, Milena pulls down the top of Petra’s dress to reveal her naked breasts, then forces a knife blade into her between those stupendous breasts while Petra writhes in pain. Petra is mortally wounded, but that is not enough for Milena. Next, she places the tip of the blade under Petra’s chin and slowly drives the long blade up into Petra’s brain, killing her horribly. Petra dies topless and bloody, still bound to the chair, her beautiful eyes staring blindly into space!

Dr. Horne's Cause of Death Determination
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