Episode 502 – Shadow of the Executioner

The Executioner returns, using the same M.O. as in previous Executioner episodes. This time his victim is Meredith!

First, he secrets his electrocution device under the cushion of an upholstered chair in the victim’s living room as she sleeps in her bedroom dressed in short, sexy negligee. She is awakened by the phone, and answers it in the living room, seating herself in the lethal chair. As with the other victims, the Executioner tells her why she is being targeted, then he activates the killing device remotely and Meredith jerks into frenzied action as her lower body is engulfed in waves of live electricity. Her body is jolted with electricity for many long minutes, even after she finally dies from the lethal current.

Lots of sexy action in this fry ’till to die scenario!

Dr. Horne's Cause of Death Determination
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