Episode 507 – Spy Stalemate

Kerie arrives home and the phone rings, but the call has actually been placed by a female enemy agent (Tina) hiding in her apartment. When she answers the phone, the agent sneaks up behind her and whips a garrotte across her neck and begins strangling her! Kerie struggles desperately to break free as Tina tells her that she’s been tracking her for a long time, and that she will finally pay for her crimes with her life!

Kerie does manage to pull a weapon from under her skirt and uses it to deliver electric shocks to Tina’s face that forces her to release the garrotte and drop to the floor dazed! Kerie straddles Tina before she can recover, pounding her in the face, then proceeding to hand strangle her as Tina struggles wildly. Tina finally manages to connect with a face punch that knocks Kerie off of her.

Both girls are struggling to recover when a male agent enters the fray, kicking Kerie in the belly and Tina in the face.  Then, he retrieves the taser rod and kills each of the girls in turn with lethal level electric shocks. Both Kerie and Tina and electrocuted as their bodies shake and wriggle violently!

Two gorgeous babe deaths for your enjoyment!

Dr. Horne's Cause of Death Determination
Double Electrocution
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